Project xCloud

What is it?

Just like Netflix or Youtube, Project xCloud is a new Xbox streaming app for mobile devices! Play over 50 free to play games including Gears of War 5, Subnautica, Hello Neighbour, Halo 5 and Farming Simulator! Xbox xCloud is free to all Xbox players with a bluetooth controller and an Xbox Account.

How does it work?

Project xCloud works by downloading the app off the store and signing onto your account that was accepted. It works like Netflix and Youtube by streaming the games from the cloud!

How to sign up?

Project xCloud is available for anyone with an Xbox bluetooth controller and an Xbox Account! To sign up go to the Project xCloud sign up page and sign up. If you're accepted you'll recieve an email after around 2 months.

Other questions

1. Is it free?
Yes, during the preview version but you may have to pay for it at a later date.
2. Do I have to you an Xbox controller?
No, you can use a PS4 controller with Bluetooth.
3. Do I need an Xbox?
No, all you need is an Xbox account.
4.Does everyone gaet accepted?
No, registering doesn't mean you'll be selected.
5. What counties is it available in?
It's available in most countries.